Specialty courses

So, you have completed your Open Water Diver and Advanced Open Water Diver courses and during those you dives you found your passion and want to learn more. Get certified within specialised areas of diving. Take a look at the speciality courses we offer below.

Sidemount Diver

The sidemount course consists of 1 confined dive and 3 open water dives.
On the first day we will try out your gear, do the confined dive and the first open water dive. On the second day we will do the two remaining open water dives and finish off the course.

Duration: 2 days – 4 dives (1 confined, 3 open water)

Max Depth 30m (40m with Deep Diver)

Price: €375 – Book now!

Deep Diver

Extend your diving limits beyond 30m in some of the best diving found in Malta, however done in a controlled and safe way over 4 dives.

Duration: 2 days – 4 Dives

Max depth 40m

Price: €245- Book now!

Night Diver

In three dives, participants learn about equipment and communication requirements. Students will be surprised at the amount of sea life seen during night dives, which can’t normally be seen during the day.

Duration: 3 days – 3 Dives

Max depth 30m

Price: €205 – Book now!

Wreck Diver

4 Dives are used to explore some of Malta’s wrecks (WW2 & others) and familiarise themselves with the techniques and equipment associated with wreck diving.

Duration: 2 days – 4 Dives

Max Depth 30m (40m with Deep Diver)

Price: €245

Boat Diver

Get to know the correct procedures required when diving from a boat while enjoying two great dives.

Duration: 1 day – 2 Dives

Max Depth 30m

Price: €210 + boat €30 – Book now!

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Participants learn how to fine tune their buoyancy during the dives of this course. Thus they would be able to get more out of their dives.

Duration: 1 day- 2 Dives

Max Depth 18-30M

Price: €160

Multi Level Diver

In one day, students learn to work with dive computers correctly and the ‘wheel’ such as to extend their dive time safely. Duration: 1 day – 2 Dives

Max Depth 18-40M

Price: €160 – Book now!

Dry Suit Course

It will give you the basic skills to handle a dry suit. This course includes 2 dives. It can be more comfortable to be dry when the sea temperature is below 18 degrees and the weather becomes a little bit windy or cold. In Malta we recommend a dry suit from December to April. A dry suit is provided for the course.

Duration: 2 Dives

Max Depth 30m

Price: €200 – Book now!

Underwater Navigator

A fundamental step for ‘independent’ diving is to learn how to get your way around. You will learn the main navigation techniques used in diving, including using compass in 3 dives.

Duration: 2 days – 3 Dives

Max Depth 30m

Price: €245- Book now!

Search and Recovery

Learn how to plan and execute an underwater search. In 4 dives, students will try out different search scenarios and apply different search techniques.

Duration: 2 days – 4 Dives

Max Depth 30m

Price: €245- Book now!